What are the different types of essays

What Are The Different Types of Essay

Nowadays, If you are skilled in writing different types of essays then only you can ensure a good academic result. Essay writing has become quite common in schools and colleges. It is a standardised test or assessment to evaluate the student’s performance. Essay writing at the college level seems to be an academic writing work, but it is more than that. Students have to select the type of essay they have to write by reading the essay prompt. Thus, it checks your understanding as well as your decision-making skills as well. In deciding the essay type, students often do a lot of misjudgement. Even if you search over the internet, you will not understand what type of essay you have to write. However, one thing you can do. Educate yourself in essay writing. Learn about different types of essays and then decide the type of essay you want to write.


Today, in this blog you will gain some meaningful insights regarding the types of essays. I have explained different types of essays below. Read them carefully.


Major Types of Essay in Academics


There is a thin line of demarcation between types of essays. For a newbie, it would be too difficult to understand the difference initially, but if you pay some attention, then you can end up learning something essential for a lifetime.


Narrative Essay

Do you like telling stories? If yes, then you can achieve a great level of perfection in narrative essay writing. In narrative essay writing, essay writer tells or narrate a story based on some real-life experiences. Narrative essays pose a challenge for students to be creative as much as they can. Storytelling requires an art of binding the reader through your words. Every student is not capable of such an enchanting spell. A narrative essay is generally used first-person narration. Use of ‘I’ is more in narrative essay writing.


Descriptive Essay

Most of the students confuse descriptive essay writing with a narrative essay. These two have some similarities. Descriptive essays also demand good vocabulary and command over the English language. Here the writer paints a picture in the reader’s mind through words. You have to describe minute details vividly. The reader should feel the presence of that particular object with your description. You have to use the right words for all types of sensory details. The right kind of descriptive essay should evoke emotions in readers.


Expository Essay

Expository essays are different from the above two mentioned essay types. In this type of essay writing, the writer needs to present the information by doing a lot of analysis. These essays have factual information, statistical data and lots of examples as supportive evidence. The expository essay further divided into different types of essays namely, cause and effect essay, process essay, compare and contrast essay. As these essays are solely based on factual information and data, the writer doesn’t need to express his/her feelings through artistic words.


Persuasive Essay

If you know how to manipulate the reader’s mind, and know the art of persuasion, then only you can excel in persuasive essay writing. Otherwise, you have to fo a lot of practice or need to take English essay help services. Persuasive essays are also based on the facts. But the writer needs to present those facts which can increase the credibility of writer’s viewpoint. Persuasive essay writers aim to make the audience believe in their viewpoint. This is the primary reason why persuasive essays need expert assistance. To excel in persuasive essay writing, collect strong evidence to support your viewpoint or else readers won’t believe your point of view.


These are the four major types of essays in which students need to attain mastery and artistry. If you are failing to get that much perfection in your essays then don’t take a risk with your grades. Rather take the best essay writing service at GetAssignmentHelpOnline.com. Here you will find the best essay writers to complete your essay writing work. Any student can take our affordable and cheap essay writing service. Therefore, if you are struggling hard with your essay work, call us for help.


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