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Paul Goldsmith

Paul Goldsmith
Subject: Programming

About Paul Goldsmith


I am a Software Developer in an MNC from last five years. I have been into this profession for an even longer period. Due to having an interest in teaching students I also work as an online tutor with for last two years.

Area of Expertise

  • Managing codes
  • Troubleshooting
  • Website Utility
  • Apt System Analysis
  • Video Generation

Professional Skills

  • Training and guiding the new interns and programming trainees ideally
  • Evaluating and troubleshooting the memory leaks in JS front
  • Debugging the existing codes for pre-existing programs
  • Making codes and user-interface which is interactive enough
  • Assessing and modifying the multiple programmes and software
  • Designing the required web marketing tools for the clients
  • Ensuring easy, valuable and understandable solutions to students


We begins with the first step for generating great user experiences: understanding what students exactly want.

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