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Jonathan Spencer

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Jonathan Spencer

Jonathan Spencer
Subject: Programming

About Jonathan Spencer


I have done graduation from the University of Sheffield and working as a Database Analyst from the last ten years. I am also connected with for two years as an online writer for programming languages.

Areas of expertise

  • Database management
  • Application development
  • Programming languages
  • Application on Saas
  • Troubleshooting

Professional Skills

  • Building and managing proficient web applications
  • Managing a wide range of programs and codes efficiently
  • Working with the team for effective operational support
  • Rewriting the existing programs for multiple software platforms
  • Evaluating the programmes and codes, spotting the errors and fixing them
  • Giving student-friendly lessons on programming languages
  • Developing effective and user-friendly applications with SaaS


We begins with the first step for generating great user experiences: understanding what students exactly want.

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    Joseph Huke
    Database management

    It was really above my expectations. I love the efforts provided by the team.

  • Authorimage
    Midsey nohara

    Good work.. I got very good marks just because of the work done by the team. Thank you

  • Authorimage
    Henry nobi

    It was over my budget. But I’m happy with the response. I hope the price will fall later on

  • Authorimage
    Nobita Nohara
    Web application

    Very clearly described and completed within short timeframe.

  • Authorimage
    Sijhuka Nobi

    I’m very sure that I will come to the same site for my every was that much good and satisfying.

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