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Marina Greg

Marina Greg
Subject: Computer Science

About Marina Greg


I am Marina, I did my Masters in Computer Science from Princeton University. I have worked as a software executive for three years and as a senior software analyst for four years. I  am also working as a freelance expert with I provide assignment help to the students.


Areas of Expertise

Systems Software

Concepts of Computer

Computer Skills

Knowledge of Software

Computer Designing


Professional Skills

Used principles of science and mathematics to develop applications for multiple purposes.

Informed software designers about the latest technology developments which require education, seminars or universities.

Created, Designed and tested software applications and required a strong proficiency in Computer programming.

Desired to bring engineering and telecommunication experience to a software engineering position.

Searched opportunity to program and server maintenance to a software position.

Experienced with extensive practice in computer science and technology engineering to utilize design and custom service abilities.


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