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Dr. Vantage Fred

Subject: Computer Science

About Dr. Vantage Fred


Hey all! I’m a Professor of Computer Science at an Australian University. Are you searching for productive answers for your assignment? If yes, then my knowledge and research in Computer Science will help you to gain good scores. It has been more than three years working with GetAssignmentHelpOnline.com as an online academic tutor. My researches, my theories, and my studies will facilitate you with good answers for your assignment. Hire me to get the best assignment help in Computer science.

Area of Expertise

  • Programming Computerised Languages
  • Computational Science
  • Digital Information
  • Software Systems
  • Computer performance analysis

Professional Skills

  • Controlled response time and resources for Benchmarks by comparing the performance of systems.
  • Initiated in Parallel Random Access Machine model.
  • Worked on the base of cryptography for deciphering the information.
  • Specialized in decoding the programming of computerized language.
  • Participated in database models and query languages with the team of professors.
  • Efficient research is done on Computer applications. 



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