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Dr. Haul Perk

Dr. Haul Perk
Subject: Computer Science

About Dr. Haul Perk


Are you struggling with your Computer Science assignment? If yes, then no need to worry more about it. Now you will get answers for your every difficult assignment on GetAssignmentHelpOnline.com. Hello all! I am Dr. Haul Perk. I have done a Ph.D. in Computer Science from Cambridge University and working as a computer science professor at a well-known university. Also, I am working for GetAssignmentHelpOnline.com as an online academic writer in computer science. Through this website, I will help you in framing answers for your difficult assignment by providing quick assignment help in computer science.

Area of Expertise

  • Human-computer interacting
  • Programming Language
  • Electronics
  • Microcomputer

Professional Skill

  • Contribution to framing Digital work in many corporate sectors.
  • Cracked the concept of a compact transistor which was proposed by Julius Edga Lilienfeld.
  • Integrated into the work of mass products related to a high density of circuits.
  • Built transistor with the help of other doctorates.
  • Efficient knowledge of Programming languages.


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    Your work is awesome and you finish it at a given time. So I submit my assignment on time and got 96/100.

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