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Jemmima Stevenson

Jemmima Stevenson
Subject: Maths

About Jemmima Stevenson


Hello all, I am an Investment Analysis for more than ten years. I work at a well-established firm and I have done Masters from the University of John Hopkins University. From the last three years, I have also started working as an online tutor at, you can also ask me questions on mathematics.

Areas of Expertise

Number Theory



Set Theory

Professional Skills

Recognizing the weaker points of the team and encouraging them to ensure effective refocusing

Helping the students to feel confident while dealing with mathematical problems as an online tutor

Carrying out a detailed research and making reports to provide useful recommendations to funding managers

Recognizing the skills and resources which are vital for the methodology of investment business

Accessing and evaluating the business data including political events and latest economics data

Working with wider financial information including the relevant sector data and company accounts


We begins with the first step for generating great user experiences: understanding what students exactly want.

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