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Michael Hopkins

Michael Hopkins
Subject: Maths

About Michael Hopkins


I am a Mathematics Professor at a reputed college. I believe that most students leave mathematics because they feel it is extra difficult and to wipe out this misconception my goal remains to teach them in the easiest possible manner. To make maths easy for every student I work as an online tutor at GetAssignmentHelpOnline.com.

Areas of Expertise

Algebra & Geometry

Discrete Mathematics

Theory of Optimization

Real Analysis

Professional Skills

Making an interactive questionnaire every week in order to promote fun-learning

Applying  techniques by using optimization and analysis and differential equation

Preparing the regular lesson plan activities with a motive of helping students

Monitoring the overall performance of the class and providing needed feedback

Communicating with the students both verbally and non-verbally to know their issues

Taking part in the promotion of educational skills in students by involving them in activities

Preparing easy-to-understand course materials for helping students during examination


We begins with the first step for generating great user experiences: understanding what students exactly want.

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  • Authorimage
    Solena Ben
    Geometric assignment

    The reply was given late by the experts but the work was finished on time.

  • Authorimage
    John jha
    Mathematical tools

    Acceptable assignment was completed.. all the tools and formulaes were correctly described.

  • Authorimage
    James Chadwick

    The assignment was little expensive but the content was good. I’m satisfied with the work but unsatisfied with the cost.

  • Authorimage
    Donald Duck
    Mathematical analysis

    Very clear description was maintoined.. so impressed with the team work from receiving the task to the completion.

  • Authorimage
    Joseph proust

    Very comfortable layout was maintained with the correct answers. Thank you

  • Authorimage
    Pinto Meria
    Geometric assignment

    The assignment was completed with grace… it was clearly done and was very useful for me

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