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Dr. Led Frost

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Dr. Led Frost

Subject: Maths

About Dr. Led Frost


Hello! Want to score good marks in your Mathematics assessment or facing any trouble in solving mathematical operations? Then I’m here to resolve your every problem related to mathematical operations. I’m Dr. Led Frost and working as a professor at a well-known University. I have completed my Ph.D. in mathematics and working as an online tutor with GetassignmentHelpOnline.com from the last five years. I have solved every difficult assessment in an easy way and my students have scored good marks in their assessments.

Area Of Expertise

  • Statistics
  • Calculus Operations
  • Integration
  • Applied Mathematics
  • Differential
  • Probability
  • Algebraic Operations

Professional Skills

  • Investigated the theme of natural science and Calculus with postgraduate students.
  • Profound knowledge in various applications of functional analysis in Quantum Mechanics.
  • Addressed many deterministic behaviors of Chaos theory and nature of the dynamical system
  • Researched on the usage of Mathematical Models in science.
  • Prepared sample and analysis on Statistics theories.
  • Tested parameter estimation of Statistical theory.


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