Essential Language Features For An Impressive Persuasive Essay

Essential Language Features For An Impressive Persuasive Essay

Writing essays can be a fun thing if you love them. Especially when it comes to persuasive essays, students enjoy writing. Because here, you voice your opinions and drive people to believe in your perspective. If you are an essay buff, there are certain things you should know to polish your writing skills. And in case, you are barely interested in doing essays, then also you must know the basics. Thinking why? Simply because there are higher chances that you are going to get essay writing tasks throughout your student life. So, isn’t it better to learn some easy tips and tricks to impress your professor when you have no options but to write an essay? If you agree, let’s begin with the article which contains some language features for a persuasive essay. Read and use them, next to time you get a chance to persuade readers.

You may already know that while writing a persuasive essay your main aim is to compel your professor or reader to respond. And, readers respond only when they feel connected. In order to connect them with your arguments, you should work at improving the way you discuss things on a written note. Here are some language features for a persuasive essay that can really help you rise as a worthy essayist in your college:


Adjectives are basically the words which change a noun or noun-based phrase. In linguistics, the semantic role of an adjective is to modify data offered by the noun. Most of the students, even beginners are already well-versed with this language feature for persuasive essays. Because adjectives are one of the main parts of speech of the English language. 

First of all, using adjectives in a persuasive piece of writing is mandatory. When you will use them in your work readers will feel in a specific manner. Adjectives will form images in readers’ mind and engage them with your essay.


Cliché or cliche is an idea, element, or expression of an art work which is often overused to a length where it starts losing its real meaning or impact. It can even be repeated to an extent of being irritating.

Now, you must be thinking of it as an element which should be kept away from your work. But, in reality, clichés can do wonders when you will use it as a language feature for persuasive essay. Readers can actually find it acceptable. Cliché is one of the best ways to express an idea or expression quickly. Here are some examples of clichés that acts as best essay writing helpers:

  • Practice makes a man perfect
  • Time will tell
  • All’s well that ends well


Imagery basically is a technique wherein the author uses descriptive and vivid language. The sensory involvement in imagery appeals to the human sense and adds depth to the author’s work. If used in the right manner imagery has the potential to engage all of the senses. 

When it is used as a language feature for a persuasive essay, it can engage readers like magic. You may not even know how instantly and deeply imagery impacts the readers. So, use a bit of visual imagery wherever it is needed and let your readers feel the ambience you want to create. 


If we will define “pun”, it will be read as a practice of wordplay that extracts different meanings of a word, or maybe same-sounding words. Also called paronomasia, it is used for adding a rhetorical or humorous effect to any write-up. 

When you play with words to satisfy your readers, you may end up in gaining some loyal ones. Puns can be a brilliant language feature for a persuasive essay to reach excellence.

On the ending note, we will just restate that every persuasive essay, be it from any academic level, subject domain or background needs a certain kind of language. By using these language features for a persuasive essay, you can surely get the needed spirit. The best part is that all these features are easy to understand. Just go for a shallow reading about them. Thereafter, when you will sit to use these language features, they will glide through the essay smoothly. 

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