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Wren Bart

Wren Bart
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About Wren Bart


Hey This is Wren. I am a responsible Accounting Teacher who has a very high passing percentage among all past students. Adept at creating lesson plans that interest students getting students interested in the subject and helping students who want better grades but are struggling. I am working as a freelancer Accounting expert at getassignmenthelponline.com.


Area of Expertise

Certified public accountant

Strong network skills

Strong organizational skills

Flexible team player

Financial administration

Research and reporting


Professional Skills

Dedicated to the education of students who want to learn.

Able to maintain excellent lines of communication with parents

Strong networking skills with local business community to make opportunities for students.

Excellent presentation skills in the classroom. 

Created after school workshops where students could improve their accounting skills.

Maintained a passing rate of 91 percent.

I have done 600+ assignments of accounting for students.

I always believe in giving plagiarism free content.


We begins with the first step for generating great user experiences: understanding what students exactly want.

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