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Mary Bart

Mary Bart
Subject: Accounting

About Mary Bart


  • Hey, This is Mary Bart, I am a responsible Accounting teacher who has a very high passing percentage among all past students. Adept at creating lesson plans that interest students getting students interested in the subject and helping students who want better grades but are struggling. I have a good knowledge of the subject and I can provide professional assignment help to the students. I am working as a freelancer at

Area of Expertise

  • Certified public accountant
  • Remains available to students at all times
  • Dedicated to the education of students who want to learn.
  • Excellent presentation skills in the classroom.

Professional Skills

  • Created after school workshops where students could improve their accounting skills.
  • Helped to establish the school’s accounting club that acts as a tutoring service and a way for students to make contact with local business professionals.
  • Worked with other faculty members to create a summer learning program for students.
  • Responsible for developing engaging lesson plans based on the approved curriculum.
  • I have always provided plagiarism-free content to the students.
  • I have provided 400+ assignments on Accounting to the students.


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