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Paul Christopher

Subject: Physics

About Paul Christopher


Hey all! I’m a Professor of Nuclear Physics at an Australian University. Are you searching for productive answers for your assessment? If yes, then my knowledge and experience in Nuclear Physics will help you to gain good scores. It has been more than three years working with as an online tutor. My researches, my theories, and my studies will provide you good answers for your assignment.

Area of Expertise

  • Nuclear Astrophysics
  • Chemical Elements
  • Quantum Mechanical
  • Nuclear fission

Professional Skills

  • Consistent Experiment performed on small protons.
  • Given reviews on high-density polythene composites.
  • Produced the lattice effect on the low-temperature heat capacity.
  • Reviews survey on nucleus with high –energy photons.
  • Initiated in the verification of nuclear warheads using the neutrons resonance transmission.
  • Specialized in nuclear power, nuclear medicine, and nuclear weapons.
  • Participated in interacting bosom models with brilliant work teams of professors.


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