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Park Sparks

Park Sparks
Subject: Civil Law

About Park Sparks


This is Park Sparks. I am working in a firm as a civil Lawyer. I worked as an Online tutor. I am also working as a Freelance writer. I provide Civil law assignment help to the students who are in dire need.


Area  of Expertise

Property Law

Commercial Law

Corporate Law

Contract law


Professional Skills

Worked in a large multi-office law firm focused on plaintiff’s work in personal injury cases

Reported to senior partners and staffed cases biweekly

Met with potential clients evaluate the strengths of their cases to decide whether the firm would accept them as clients

Completed research and drafted complaints and summons to respond

Engaged in discover litigation

Successful track record of securing large settlements

Regular amasses numerous weekly client billable hours

Drafted motion briefs complaints and summons

Negotiated with the aim of securing settlements

I have completed 500+ assignments on Civil Law



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