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Hannah Bush

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Hannah Bush

Hannah Bush
Subject: Civil Law

About Hannah Bush


Hey, This is Hannah. I am a Civil Lawyer with strong experience in drafting summons and complaints and litigation. I am also a freelancer in getassignmenthelponline.com. I provide assignment help on Civil Law.


Area of Expertise

Alternative dispute resolution

Commercial Law

Constitutional Law

Corporate Law

Contract Law


Professional Skills

Excellent at taking depositions as a plaintiff’s attorney and has a track

Has a track record of securing large settlements on behalf of clients

Has five years of experience in personal injury work

A wealth of knowledge concerning auto accident litigation

Good oral and written communication

Experienced with taking depositions

Excellent legal research and writing skills

I have a vast experience in personal injury plaintiff’s work

I have almost completed 600+ assignments on Civil law

I have a good record of providing plagiarism-free assignment to the students.

I have a successful track record of securing large settlements.


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