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Martin Rudhardt

Subject: English literature

About Martin Rudhardt


Looking for creative and useful answers for your assignment of English? Then, of course, you have opted for the correct option. Hello everyone! I’ve completed my M.Phil. In English Literature in which I’ve worked on many genres, forms, and narrative styles. I have been working for the last five years at a well-known university.  Whatever knowledge I’ve attained in the literature field, now I want to serve it to students. To impart knowledge, I have started working for as an online tutor and writer.

Area Of Expertise

  • British Literature
  • Feminism
  • Literary Reviews and Criticism
  • Jacobian Literature
  • New writing forms

Professional Skills

  • Handled many foreign conferences related to British Literature.
  • Provided assignments to students without missing the deadlines while working with
  • Participated in many surveys related to Jacobian Literature.
  • Organize, Prepare and facilitate course work related to Feminist studies.
  • Conducted many seminars related to Literature.
  • Designed innovative answers.
  • Worked on many theses with the Professors.
  • Provide applications of the concepts being studied.
  • Initiated in many research projects work.


We begins with the first step for generating great user experiences: understanding what students exactly want.

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