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Richardson Montaigne

Subject: English literature

About Richardson Montaigne


Hey everyone! I am Richardson, an English Professor at a reputed institution, due to my keen interest in online teaching, I have started working as a freelancer online tutor at It has been more than three years in serving online assessments for students. You can ask for help in framing your tricky assessments in an easy way.

Area Of Expertise

  • Modern British Literature
  • Contemporary Literature
  • American Literature
  • Feminism and Marxism
  • 18th Century literature

Professional Skills

  • Attended workshops with academic committees.
  • Witnessed many international literature conferences.
  • Adequate knowledge of grammar and literature background.
  • Framed criticism of many documentaries and pre-existing thesis.
  • Provided standardized tests and answering student inquiries in an effective manner.
  • Worked on academic journals and books.
  • Attended various subjective seminars.
  • Remarkable experience in teaching feminism thesis.
  • Drawn/Thrown many presentations related to literature.


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  • Elizabeth
    Literature reader

    My assignment had got a good marks.. it was nicely written.. I had attached some pages of my own but the best part of the assignment was written by the team expert.

  • Natalie
    Reading concepts

    It was an essay assignment and the work done was very much satisfactory. it was worth giving project.

  • Mathew

    Got my assignment on was full of innovative ideas that helped me providing very good marks.

  • Joshua
    Modern literature

    Very expressive, impressive and great writers are there..they gave all their power to make the assignment worthy.

  • Addition

    When it comes to the assignment delivery timing. You guys are the only one..the delivery timing is great and I’m very happy with the work as well.

  • Solena

    Qualitative assignment was given back .all the layouts and the vocabs are very easy to understand.

  • Andrew
    Contemporary literature

    I have my 8 months experience with this site and the experts had always make me satisfied.

  • Chloe

    Tremendous work for assignment. love the way the assignment was completed. I got very good marks.

  • David

    The job that experts had done was very much beyond was very good and very recommended.

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