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Marry Gallagher

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Marry Gallagher

Marry Gallagher
Subject: Civil Engineering

About Marry Gallagher


I am Marry, I am an experienced civil engineer who possesses the required level of strong initiative, motivation and drive needed to achieve long-term success. I have a proactive approach to carrier development, and is willing to travel to project sites around the world, including remote environments with limited communications or logistical support.


Area of Expertise

Large scale excavations

Auto CAD

Wind farms

Planning regulations

Contract administration


Professional skills

Responsible for managing and executing projects, including time and budget management and quality control. As well as delivering projects successfully and being accountable for project planning and direction

Delivering assigned tasks for airport design & infrastructure development projects.

Preparations of bids and monitoring of project costs and progress

Challenging structural architects in terms of proposed solutions i.e. construction cost, technical requirements, sustainability, and suitability of quality

Extensive IT skills, and able to  use these to input, manipulate, extract and present information

Designing and developing projects and programmes of maintenance work


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