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Kristine Harper

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Kristine Harper

Kristine Harper
Subject: Civil Engineering

About Kristine Harper


This is Kristine; I am a PE-certified civil engineer with more than four years of experience in the design and management of complex development projects. I have an excellent command of standard engineering practices for oil, gas and sub sea pipelines within harsh arctic climates. I am working as a freelancer at


Area of Expertise

Sub sea Engineering Design

Installation Engineering

Cold Climate Engineering

Oil & gas pipeline Engineering

Offshore Engineering


Professional Skills

I have completed civil engineering initiatives that included oil and gas pipeline engineering design, offshore, deep water projects, sub sea pipeline and connection system designs, J-jay and S-lay pipelines, pipeline trenching, riser systems and single point moorings

I can collaborate with clients, designers, contractors and local/state agencies to resolve a myriad of engineering and design issues

Maintained excellent relationships and stayed in constant contact with all clients, which proved instrumental in generating additional project work

I have completed 700+ assignments of Civil engineering for the students


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