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Lane Alyson

Lane Alyson
Subject: Civil Engineering

About Lane Alyson


This is Lane’ I am an Engineer in training (EIT) and graduate of ABET-accredited bachelor’s in civil engineering program backed by successful internship experience and knowledge of engineering theories, principles, specifications and standards. I provide assignment help tot he students who are in dire need.


Area of Expertise

Cost Estimating & Surveying

Traffic & Materials Engineering

Water resource Engineering

Concrete & steel Design

Construction methods

Structural analysis & Dynamics


Professional skills

Assisted civil engineers on several key government projects involving roadway designs and improvements, solutions easing traffic congestion and replacement of deteriorating bridges

Handles cost-of-materials estimations, report and document tracking, project documentation, on-site project visits, invoice/agreement verification and building permit applications

Gained experience in blueprint reading, as well as preparation of maps and plans

Cultivated excellent relationships throughout assigned territory

I have completed 600+ assignments on Civil Engineering

I always try to give best quality to the students


We begins with the first step for generating great user experiences: understanding what students exactly want.

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