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Granger Martin

Granger Martin
Subject: Civil Engineering

About Granger Martin


This is Granger; I am a dedicated Civil engineer skilled in all phases of engineering operations. I am consistently finishes projects under budget and ahead of schedule. Forward-thinking professional familiar with all aspects of construction and commercial and residential planning. Advocates for sustainable infrastructure and green city-planning. Committed to designing environmentally-conscious and cost-effective public infrastructure solutions. I am also working as a Civil engineer subject matter expert at


Area of Expertise

Operational analysis

Water piping design

Materials management

Land development planning

Erosion and sedimentation control


Professional skills

Tested soil to determine the adequacy and strength of concrete, asphalt and steel foundations

Collaborated with contractors and clients as the on-site engineer for several large public projects

Prepared standard engineering computations, surveys and designs

Computed load and grade requirements and material stress factors to determine design specifications

I am able to produce and issue precise technical specifications an data sheets

I have completed 500+ assignments of civil engineering

I always give best solution to the student’s problem


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