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Richard Harris

Richard Harris
Subject: Biology

About Richard Harris


Hello all, I am Richard Harris, biology expert and associate professor of biology. I have been working with and providing excellent assignments to students globally. Biology is a fun subject but assignment part costs a lot of precious time. Students seek help for assignments in order to study for the exams. So if you are also facing time crunch or any other reason then hire me and get instant biology assignment in quick time.

Areas of expertise

  • Medicinal properties of plants
  • agricultural science
  • Tissues and cells
  • Dna coding and Gene splicing
  • Drug and reactions

Professional Skills

  • I am having informative aptitude and fundamental thinking aptitudes.
  • Ability to carry out extensive research and provide correct results in time.
  • Experience of providing well researched assignments without hint of any plagiarism.
  • Know how to do proper referencing and work according to the university’s guidelines.
  • Excellent communication skills and knowledge of various learning methods and tools.


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