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Tom Anderson

Tom Anderson
Subject: Webpage designing

About Tom Anderson


I am a Web Designer, due to my keen interest in teaching students, I am connected with I have expertise in a number of programming languages as well. You can ask for help with Java SQL, XML, UNIX, HTML etc. I completed my education from the University of Stanford.

Area of Expertise

  • Analytical and designing ability
  • Technical project handling
  • Expertise in JAVA, UNIX, SQL, XML
  • Website page creation and analysis

Professional Skills

  • Coordinating with business analysts and database administrators
  • Helping the team members in the process of debugging and unit testing
  • Carrying out detailed system analysis and bringing improvements
  • Designing and managing the ad-hoc reports by employing the required tools
  • Helping the admin system in resolving the existing software issues
  • Helping the interns and new joinees with coding techniques and relevant queries
  • Working on a number of concepts for facilitating web page creations
  • Making and ensuring effective presentation of the needed documents



We begins with the first step for generating great user experiences: understanding what students exactly want.

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  • Authorimage
    John Thomas
    Design assignment

    The layouts were very clear.. all the design were clearly maintoined. I’m happy with the work.

  • Authorimage
    Andrew malik
    Technical project

    The project was highly appreciable.. and team work was very cooperative

  • Authorimage
    Rose Marry
    Web page designing

    Very clear designs .the project was very easy to understand and very good.

  • Authorimage
    Alister cook

    The assignment was completed on time. it was good and easy to learn.Thank you

  • Authorimage
    Sora Fatim
    Page creation analysis

    Very beautifully completed assignment. I love the team work and the timing of project completion

  • Authorimage
    Mark james

    I’m not satisfied with the content.. all the things were different from the blueprint I had given. hope for the best next time.

  • Authorimage
    Jesin christ
    Page designing

    Very innovative work. all the things were not maintoined but timing was very good

  • Authorimage
    Goyal maz

    I got very good marks.. I’m very happy with the work. Thank you team.

  • Authorimage
    Jouke Nohara
    Jawa assignment

    The assignment was looking Soo much attractive and it was very easy to understand.. the timing, the work, the layouts, the coordination .every thing was beyond expectation.

  • Authorimage
    Solena James
    Web page creation

    I love this site because of its affordable service .it is under my budget which is the favorite part. I will recommend this to every one.

  • Authorimage
    Pinto Jen
    UNIX designing

    The quality of work was fantastic. I love the time set the had taken to complete the assignment.

  • Authorimage
    Rahat Fatah
    Page creation

    The booking time was very delay..otherwise the quality was very appreciable and easy.

  • Authorimage
    Rose marie
    Jawa expertise

    It is a time saver place the team was completing my assignment and there I was doing my another work it was very helpful to me.

  • Authorimage
    Yousouf jones

    The project was not full of all the informations I had given in the guidelines. so I’m some how disappointed I hope they will do something better next time.Thank you

  • Authorimage
    XML expertise

    I’m very much satisfied with the results I have was my first time and I’m really impressed with the work.I will be attached with this site always

  • Authorimage
    Web page

    The topic was completed before the deadline and this is the best thing.

  • Authorimage

    This assignment helped me getting very good marks and very good comments from my professor too.Thank you team.

  • Authorimage
    Project assignment

    The project work was good but I had expected next time I think this will be clear.

  • Authorimage
    UNIX creation

    Very innovative ideas were taken over to complete the assignment. The team is very talented and very cooperative to the costumers.

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