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Nicolas Netesky

Nicolas Netesky
Subject: Biology

About Nicolas Netesky


Hi I am Nicolas Netesky, biology professor as well as assignment writer of biology. I have been working on a senior post in an organization researching over plants and atmosphere. I have been associated with and providing quick assignments and solving students queries all over the world. Students who are finding assignment writing tough can take help from me. 

Areas of expertise

  • Cell and its functions
  • Human reproduction
  • Diseases and fatalities
  • Plant and food transfer
  • Genetic material

Professional skills

  • Providing assignment help in biology for the past two years
  • Providing well researched dissertations perfectly arranged in the desired format.
  • Taking biology tuitions and guiding students in this subject.
  • Excellent problem solving skills as I can solve or provide answers for all your questions.
  • Excellent communication and interpersonal skills.



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