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Max Jensen

Max Jensen
Subject: Computer Science

About Max Jensen


This is Max Jensen, I am a computer science students from Princeton University. I have completed my I have done the job of a network engineer for two years and working in an IT company as a Sr. software engineer for the last three years. Also, I am working as a freelancer with I provide computer science assignments to the students.


Area of Expertise

Distributed Systems

Network security

Computer Graphics

Artificial Intelligence

Digital Electronics


Professional Skills

I have completed 400+ assignments on Computer science

I have a good knowledge of creating a smooth communication channel for a group of people.

I have made an automated email system to make work performance better

I can provide online classes to the students to enhance the students’ knowledge

I have always given high-quality assignments to the students without plagiarism.

I have a good capacity to analyze clients’ work and ongoing system software and business models.

I have in-depth knowledge of JavaScript programming language.


We begins with the first step for generating great user experiences: understanding what students exactly want.

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