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Marrie Watson

Marrie Watson
Subject: Computer Science

About Marrie Watson


This is Marrie. I am a Computer science student. I have completed my master’s degree in computer science from Carnegie Mellon University. I have a good knowledge of the subject. I am working with a software developing company. I have a good knowledge of programming languages. I have done so many computer science assignments. I have also good knowledge of Database Management. I have always updated all the software coming to each day. Currently, I am working as a Freelancer at I love helping students in their assignment work. 


Area of Expertise

Programming languages

Database Management 

Expertise in C++ Java and C#

Computer graphics

Software development


Professional  skills

Planning, scheduling and monitoring work with direction

Checking software operations to get the report of the flaws and improve them

I have completed more than 600+ assignments on database management and programming languages. 

Developing solutions and software for existing products.

Checking software operations to get the report of the flaws and improve them. 

I have always provided plagiarism-free and high-quality paper to the students


We begins with the first step for generating great user experiences: understanding what students exactly want.

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    Brilliant Performance

    My assignment was completed within 3 days and all my requirements are covered. Finally, I am very happy to see your work and very quick delivery.

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