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Marlyn Smith

Marlyn Smith
Subject: Management

About Marlyn Smith


Hello, I have done a PhD in Business and Project Management from the University of Florida, US. I am working a Senior Project Manager at a firm. I have also worked as a teacher at a business school, However, now I help students as an online tutor at for two years.

Areas of Expertise

Project Planning

Project Initiation

Management Studies

Project Execution

Professional Skills

Making and evaluating the statistical information in order to meet the legal compliance

Developing strategic plans for the firm with a motive of achieving the set goals.

Monitoring the industry activities and trends to develop engaging solutions

Helping in the implementation of the most effective practices for ensuring best customer service

Following the trends to enhance the user experience and aligning the strategies with demands

Taking part in tracking the deliverable and improving the current status by removing flaws


We begins with the first step for generating great user experiences: understanding what students exactly want.

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