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Mark Dafoe

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Mark Dafoe

Subject: Statistics

About Mark Dafoe


I have proficiency in statistics and their relevant concepts. The reason why I am so involved in teaching is my interest in the same. I got my education from the University of Sussex and now I am working as an assistant professor with a reputed college. I am also working as a freelance online tutor at for around two years. 

Area of Expertise

  • Statistical Quality Control
  • Random Sampling
  • Data Handling
  • Transportation problems

Professional Skills

  • Overlooking data collected during its shelf-life
  • Managing the work of clients and categorising data
  • Finalising the design of experiments, surveys or trials for collecting data
  • Carrying out in-depth research in order to gather needed data
  • Interacting with the policymakers on result-based key decisions
  • Making sure that the final decisions are based on exact research results
  • Making, editing and forwarding reports and articles for publication



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    Data analysis

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    Sampling problem

    The assignment was as same as the blueprint given .only some places a compulsory changes are taken which was thanful.

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    Data handling

    Some questions were gone wrong.. I hope this Will not be repeated.

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    Problem handling

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    Data collection

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