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Maria Smith

Maria Smith
Subject: Database

About Maria Smith


This is Maria. I am a Database subject expert and write assignments for, and have done Ph. D. I love to help students in their assignments who are in dire need of urgent ready made assignments of Database subject.


Area of Expertise

  • Excellence in Multi-threading
  • Proficiency in writing Windows make file.
  • Knowledge of operating systems
  • Understanding of Data Structures 


Professional Skills

  • Managed Extensive server-side programming  in Java/Unix Script Investigated available data solutions in support of new opportunities
  • Created, enhanced and debugged new and existing real-time firmware in C
  • Worked on an embedded microprocessor design process
  • Handled hands-on bring up, debug and code optimization.
  • Worked with automotive ECUs, especially those in electric power-trains.
  • Provided strategic technical solutions to complex business needs. 
  • Worked as a Data Developer at a widely known MNC for one year
  • I have completed 600+ assignments of Database.
  • I always try to give my best in providing students like I provide plagiarism free assignment to the students.


We begins with the first step for generating great user experiences: understanding what students exactly want.

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    Neil koria

    I’m very impressed with the information and the setout of the assignment.

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    David jonas
    Multi threading assignment

    Very cooperative.. thanks for the cooperation.. I’m really satisfied.

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    James luna
    Micro processor task

    The assignment work was maintained with care as promised. this is so appreciable.

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    Nasith kemes
    Data structures

    I usually does not prefer online work but this site is that much useful that I think I should change my mind.

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    Jawa programming

    The site is easy to reach and quite satisfying… I’m happy with the work.

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    Jack dude
    Script making

    The site is very convenient to use. Thank you team.

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    Sam Taresa

    Delivery time was met ahead of my due date..I’m satisfied with it

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    Imran yosuf
    Code optimization

    Every possible help was provided by the team. They serve the best they can.

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    Electronic test

    The team work was good but there was issue in delivery I’m not that much satisfied.

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    Stuart max

    I’m very happy. it was first time that I secured good marks and my teacher praised me..all because of this site.Thank you

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    Juke assignment

    I’m satisfied and I hope to get the same feeling that I have now.

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    Sandrew mark
    Language assignment

    I’m very inspired with the content given by the team..very nice experience. I can’t wait for the next one.

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    Krishnan Iyar

    The assignment was completed and it was received before deadline.

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    Maria frenka
    Unix script

    It was a very attractive presentation. I’m very happy and glad to be attached with this site.Thank you team

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    Rumo kumble
    Assignment work

    It was very upto its standard. the presentation was very touchable and it was easy to reach..but there was some issue in timing.. than also the result was satisfying.

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    David max
    Juke learning

    Very good costumer service was provided to me…the team had a very nice collaboration.

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    Michael piyaze

    I had visited so many sites but this is my best one…I just love this site because of the help and the cooperation given by the team.

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