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Jensen Pearson

Jensen Pearson
Subject: Marketing

About Jensen Pearson


This is Jensen, I have completed my Masters in Marketing Research. I am working as a marketing research analyst from three years. I have a good marketing and budget experience. I am also working with as an assignment expert.


Areas of Expertise

Market Strategy

Areas of Marketing Research

Competitive Analysis




Professional Skills

I have worked in consulting firms and become a part of the marketing team at consumer product firms

Analyzed data to draw both qualitative and quantitative with business leaders and clients

Converted findings into written reports and implemented sampling plans

Developed questionnaires and discussion guidelines and having a SQL experience

Provides both offensive and defensive strategic context to identify opportunities and threats

Analyzed component of corporate strategy and analysis systematically

Assessment of strengths and weakness of current and potential competitors and provided both offensive and defensive strategies

Scanned places firms at risk of dangerous competitive blind spots due to competitor analysis

Provide online classes about marketing research for two years



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