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Hale Steele

Hale Steele
Subject: Finance

About Hale Steele


This is Hale; I have a master’s degree in Finance. I am working as a professor of Finance and I have a good knowledge of the subject. I am a subject expert at getassignmenthelponline.com. I help students in their assignment work and assisting students in their assignment of Finance so that they can get good marks.


Area of expertise

Financial and strategic planning.

P&L management.

Auditing and compliance.

Accounting standards.

Operating and working capital.

Budget development and management.

Merger and acquisition negotiations.

Cash-flow management and modeling.

Business Valuations.


Professional Skills

I provide Error free and plagiarized free assignment to the students.

Maintaining best standards in teaching and academic plan making service

Assisting in the development of finance curriculum

Offering Finance tuition for high school students

Writing various articles for finance journal every year

I have almost completed 600+ assignments of Finance.



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