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Gina Smith

Gina Smith
Subject: Management

About Gina Smith


Hello, This is Gina Smith. I am active in the field of management for more than fifteen years. I work as a Human Resource Manager in a multi-national company and also connected with as an online tutor for management. I can solve issues based on a wide range of management concepts.

Area of Expertise

  • Organisational behaviour
  • Human Resource Planning
  • Employment relations systems and processes
  • Performance management

Professional Skills

  • Worked on more than 1000 assignments on diverse management topics.
  • Carrying out interviews for ensuring appropriate staff strength and overseeing exit interviews.
  • Carrying out salary surveys on an annual basis and managing affirmative programs.
  • Planning, organizing, managing and controlling the actions and activities of the concerned department.
  • Carrying out employee orientations and counselling on employee relations to create a healthy environment.
  • Designing, analyzing and updating the salary budget and evaluation program of the company.


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