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Dennis Bradford

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Dennis Bradford

Dennis Bradford
Subject: Economics

About Dennis Bradford


I am Dennis, an Economics professor by profession. I have completed my studies at Kingston University. With a view of supporting eco students in their academic session, I stay connected to as an online tutor as well. I love to provide all types of academic help to the students who are in urgent need of assignments.

Area of Expertise

  • Project Co-ordination
  • Statistics and Calculus
  • Money and Banking
  • Data Analysis

Professional Skills

  • Helping students with their assignments, term papers, research-based tasks and essays
  • Handled an array of student’s assignments with 100% accuracy
  • Writing down non-technical and technical academic articles and papers
  • Developing economic index in order to assess the status of specific aspects
  • Enabling students to learn economics better through practical implementations


We begins with the first step for generating great user experiences: understanding what students exactly want.

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