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Daniel Hasting

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Daniel Hasting

Daniel Hasting
Subject: Economics

About Daniel Hasting


Hey, I am Daniel and I am an Economics teacher in school in order to increase the positive track record of the school. I have a thorough knowledge of subject curriculum and educational programs. I have a genuine desire to educate. I am working an assignment expert with getassignmenthelp.com.


Area of Expertise

Economics and Finance

Micro economics and Macro economic

Current economic affairs

Research project works



Professional Skills

To teach students about principles of Economics.

Delivering lectures on business organizations and market structures.

Designed different picture slide shows and concept models related to Economics to make teaching more interactive.

Developing and conducted extra curricular activities and competitions related to economics for students.

Served on academic and administrative committees.

Ensured to keep abreast of developments in current literature.

Preparing course materials such as homework, syllabus, assignments and handouts.

Excellent instructional, organizational, problem solving and decision making skills.

Outstanding ability to learn new software applications quickly.



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