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Dr. Badger Leal

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Dr. Badger Leal

Dr. Badger Leal
Subject: Mechanical Engineering

About Dr. Badger Leal


A question arises how can I meet with your expectations? My knowledge, experience, teaching skill and innovative ideas will definitely meet with your expectations. Hello all! I’m Dr. Badger Leal. I have completed my Ph.D. in Mechanical Engineering and working as a Professor in a reputed firm for the last five years. I have searched for many platforms to reach as many students as I can because I want to explore my knowledge and experience among everyone. Then finally I found GetassignmentHelpOnline.com where I can share my knowledge through solving your tricky assignment. So for mechanical engineering assignment help, hire me!

Area Of Expertise

  • Applied Mechanics
  • Production Technology
  • Fluid Mechanics
  • Science Exploration

Professional Skills

  • Worked thoroughly on many discrete mechanical engineering factors.
  • Categorized different theories on the base of logic reasoning related to Mechanical Engineering.
  • Involved in many in various incorporate advancements. 
  • Associated in the project of a W16 engine with other professors.



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