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Anthony Martin

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Anthony Martin

Anthony Martin
Subject: Finance

About Anthony Martin


This is Anthony. I am exceptionally seasoned and knowledgeable Finance Lecturer with a stellar teaching and academic service record. I am skilled at explaining a variety of complex financial theories and practices clearly and accessible to professional and non-professional audiences.I also help students in their assignment work. I am working as a freelancer of Finance and providing assignment help to students.


Area of Expertise

Financial administration

Budget conscious

Analysis of available curriculum

Training and development



Research and reporting


Professional skills

Assess current trends in technology in education and develop  recommendations for director.

Draft reports on current technology use and determine budgetary options for changes.

Assisted students and other departments in submitting technology requests.

Oversaw technology budget under Director oversight.

Assisted with finance course curriculum design and development.

Taught three undergraduate finance courses each semester.

I have done almost 600+ assignments on Finance.

I always give plagiarism free assignments to the students.


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