Why So Many Students Hate Math And How To Fix It

Math is a broad subject which has been taken up from the Greek. It includes ‘n’ number of topics such as algebra, differential equations, trigonometry, geometry, shape, quantity, rational numbers, measurement, etc. Basically, it deals with logical reasoning, calculations, and abstract solution. It comprehends a real phenomenon which helps in daily life. Math covers different essential fields like engineering, natural science, tally, medicine, banking, etc.

Nowadays it is common to hear “Math Phobia” among students and that’s the only reason they don’t like it. Sometimes they use ‘I hate Math’ or ‘I don’t like it’ statements for math. There are many students who hate math. Read them to find out why students hate math, the reason behind it and how we can improve it.

There are a few common reasons and how to help

Cramming questions

There are two types of students one who tries to understand and use logic while attempting questions and another one who tries to cram the solutions. The students who fall in the latter category they face a lot of struggle in solving equations. Most students try to cram the question without any reason as they find it an easy way to solve it. For further studies which are not good at all.

Helping ways: Tell them to take the help of online assignments for different types of perfect solution and through this, they can be able to solve any question. 

Lack of Practice

This problem is very common among students. Once they have done the practice they don’t even bother to do it again. As they get bored by doing the same questions again and again in the same way.

Helping ways: Take assistance from extra books, online assignment help for solutions or helping books through which you can come across different questions regarding the same topic which will help you to cover up the topic from each and every angle.

Lack of concentration

Learning is the other fact for memorizing topics of math. Many students fail in learning the formulas, rules, and equations. They struggle hard to learn it.

Helping ways: Despite doing rote-learning try to understand the logical reason behind every formula. The power of concentration should be a shift from rote learning to logical reason and analysis. Try to relate this formula with life skills and this will motivate the students to understand math formula and they will be able to learn it easily.

Silly Mistakes

Sometime students know the solution very well. They are in such a hurry while solving the equation they commit silly mistakes and this reduces their marks.

Helping ways: Never be in a hurry. Take your time while solving the equation and recapitulate it for a while at the end.

Need patience

Sometimes students are not able to solve the tricky questions in single or twice attempt then they get frustrated easily. In the end, they give up.

Helping ways: First of all, take a glass of water and make relax your brain and then take online assignment help and get the tricks and methods to solve the problems more easily.

Math is a subject that can be solved through abacus, number-based brain teasers, problem-solving skills and logical reasoning. Take help from external books like helping books and online assignments to solve any tricky equation.

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