Computer Science vs Information Technology


With the immense and fast growth in technology, we generally came across many technical terms and sometimes we fail to depict the actual meanings. Two such similar words are information technology and computer science. It is a general perception among the mass that there is no difference between computer science and information technology. But actually, they are slightly different from each other. The specialty and knowledge vary in both of these aspects. 


Computer science is the study of computer software. Generally, Computer science is the scientific knowledge of creating computer applications and computer programs with the help of technology.

In the study Computer science, you will learn about the fundamental use of some computer programs like computer language, software design, and development, linear and discrete mathematics. So it involves creating a software program and learning about how and why the various programs work also you can take out online assignment help. One can become a system engineer, an application software developer with a computer science degree.


Information technology is the study of computer hardware and networking. The study of Information technology consists of how to use computer applications with the use of hardware and technology. Information technology will tell you about installing, operating and maintaining the computer system and computer applications. They help in creating internal networking of an office or a company.IT professionals are more familiar with the use of server software and operating system which include oracle, open SSL, window server, Microsoft SQL server and so on.

Information technology is the study of what tools and techniques can fulfill the information management needs of a specified organization. Familiarize with the tools is important for the success of the IT profession.

There are some similarities between computer science and information technology professional that are:

  • Both are used for some social and moral implications.
  • Both play a major role in creating impact and sustainability on the environment.
  • Data safety and security is also needed in both cases. Because there may be chances of misuse or hacking of data.
  • Both are important parts of health and safety programming.
  • Career opportunity is increasing day by day due to change and innovation in technology.
  • Both play an equal part in the field of innovation and advancement.


Information technology is the hardware and software products or systems which result from the work of computer science and other disciplines related to generation, manipulation, storage and sharing digital information of all kinds. Both the professionals work together for the smooth functioning of the hardware and software to carry out needed business tasks. In simple language you can illustrate both like a computer scientist, the specialist who install lights, running water and other appliances in the house. On the other hand, IT professional is the one who lives in the house and uses the appliance and looks at the effects of it. Both of this field lies in the fact that when it comes to the particular technology and tools required to solve various problems, the computer scientists create the tools and information professionals apply those tools to the maximum benefit of their specified task.

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